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KK Energy 5000 puffs rechargeable

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Disposable vape

12ml e-juice capacity

1.2ohm mesh coil

5% nicotine content present in the e-juice

850mAh capacity

dimensions 118*25*mm

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Kk Energy 5000 puffs is a long-lasting vape that offer you satisfaction and enjoyment you need. The vape is a quality product that comes with 12ml e-juice capacity and is available in variety of awesome flavours. It comes with a 1.2ohm mesh coil, and there is 5% nicotine content present in the e-juice that comes with it. This vape comes in various rich flavours that would almost make you think you are on to a delicious and refreshing drink. It features a USB Type-C model that allows you charge the device through the USB charging point at any time of your choice. It is also customizable as it comes with adjustable airflow features that makes you set and fine-tune it to the level of your choice. The battery that comes with KK Energy Disposable vape has 850mAh capacity-really strong, it allows it last well enough for you to completely enjoy your vape and it comes in the dimensions 118*25*mm25mm. KK Energy Disposable Vape delivers great and quality throat hits.


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